While you all are having an aneurysm, I remind you that these kind of things will keep happening in Makoto’s and Haruka’s lives, that they’re still as close as ever, and that they will keep being by each others sides always.

HARUKA: I’m home.
RAN: Welcome back, Haru-chan! I made hotcakes for snacks today. Father will be home soon.
REN: I’m home.
RAN: Oh, there’s your father. Go on, Makoto, greet him.
MAKOTO: Woof! …I’m the dog?!
RAN: You’re the puppy, the vegetable shop owner, and the fish store owner.
MAKOTO: Three roles in one?! That’s a lot!
HARUKA: Good thing you got a lot of roles, Makoto, eh?
MAKOTO: They’re all minor ones though…
RAN: Let’s move on! Here’s your hotcakes, Haru-chan!
HARUKA: … [quietly motioning eating action]
RAN: Haru-chan, eat it.
HARUKA: I ate it already.
RAN: No, you have to say “chew chew chew.”
HARUKA: C–Chew, chew, chew… I ate it.
MAKOTO: Pffftt! That’s a rare sight coming from Haru.
HARUKA: Dogs don’t talk.
MAKOTO: Don’t be mean, woof.
RAN: Brother and Haru-chan, you two need to be more serious!
HARUKA: Sorry.
MAKOTO: Sorry.

[translation credit]



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